Daily Driver Defects

Defect Reporting & Driver Assist App

Vehicle defect checking is vital for both drivers and operators as the focus on compliance and roadworthiness is greater than ever. The paperless method of defect checking is fast becoming the prefered way to conduct the daily walkaround check...

The Aquarius App provides a straight forward platform to electronically record and report any defects or a 'nil' defect during your daily vehicle checking.
Over the last five years, following much conversation with customers using the App, it has develped into much more than just a defect check recording device! It is being utilised more now as a 'Driver Assist' tool on a day to day basis due to the various functionalities and abilities that we have developed. The intention is to provide instant access to a range of documents and alerts or functions as per company specific procedures.

The back office 'Maintenance' area offers operators the flexibility to manage the App from the point of view of personalised set up, PIN allocation and planning of maintenance. 
This easy to use website allows operators to make the most of the information at their fingertips.

Performing the Daily Vehicle Walk Around Check via the Aquarius App allows for:

  • Real time defect reporting
  • Full audit trail
  • Secure data storage
  • No paper storage costs
  • Multilingual options

Electronic vehicle defect reporting

Conduct your Daily Defect Check on your phone or tablet with ease in any weather and with fully secure PIN specific access.
Immediate reporting is then available in the back office 'control centre', where managers can keep a handle on compliance and Roadworthiness.

Emergency defect check

On those occasions when a defect occurs during the course of the working day - Record an 'Emergency' check over and above the standard daily requirements!

Accident Record

In the unfortunate event of a Road Traffic Accident it is important to gain as much information as possible. 
A record can be made instantly through a preset list of checks and questions.

Additional features

Documents - a storage facility for standard company documents
Alerts - have at hand your card download and company report requirements
Filing Cabinet - storage of historical checks in the event of a roadside request
POD - A basic proof of delivery solution

Daily Defect Check - Help Guide for Drivers

For assisitance with the day to day use of the Vehicle
Defect Check App...

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According to the VOSA guideline book 'Guide to maintaining Roadworthiness':

  1. 'Drivers are responsible for the condition of their vehicles when in use on the road and must, therefore, be able to report any defects or symptoms of defects that could prevent the safe operation of vehicles.'
  2. 'A daily walkaround check must be undertaken by a responsible person before a vehicle is used.'

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