Update on Smart Tachograph Driver Cards

As the industry prepares for the implementation of the next generation of smart tachograph, details provided so far have been somewhat vague, leading to rumour and uncertainty within the industry. 
The new tachograph has an implementation date of June 2019 but it remains to be seen if this is achievable, given that discussions on certain technical elements are still ongoing and seem a long way off from being resolved. Recent meetings, however, in Europe with members of the technical working group has helped to clarify more of the details.

Operators that we have spoken to, have raised questions about existing driver cards and whether they will work in the new tachograph? Aquarius can clarify that from the driver’s perspective, following the introduction of the new unit, there will be very little change to current working practices.

The smart tachograph is equipped with updated encryption methods in order to improve security and therefore raised the question about compatibility of “generation 1” driver cards when used with “generation 2” smart tachographs. Sources in Brussels have recently confirmed that old-style “generation 1” cards will work in the new tachograph and the new “generation 2” driver cards will also be backward-compatible, enabling them to be used with older digital tachograph units.

At Aquarius we make every effort to stay ahead of any legislation changes and in this instance keep up to date with the decisions being made for drivers and operators in preparation for the new smart tachograph.

For further information about the new generation Smart Tachograph and how to be prepared, please call the team on 0330 333 8789